A superbill is an itemized form that reflects the services we have rendered if you are using your out-of-network insurance coverage. It will contain dates we met and your diagnosis. A diagnosis is required for insurance reimbursement but not for private pay.

We suggest calling your insurance company in advance to inquire about your out-of-network coverage for the service you’re looking for.

Why we don’t accept in-network insurance

We focus entirely on providing the absolute most effective therapy to our clients and this is one of the reasons we don’t accept in-network insurance. Rather than going back and forth with insurance companies all day and having limitations on the length of times to work with our clients, we decided to not accept in-network insurance.

Other information about paying out-of-pocket for therapy

If you have flexible spending account (FSA) with your job - money that you set aside or your company set aside for you for medical expenses, you can use this account for payment.

Also, counseling/therapy is considered a health expense for tax purposes and you may be eligible for a credit depending on your financial situation. We suggest you check with your financial accountant. We’ll provide you with the necessary document (billing statements) needed for this purposes at the end of the year.