Training and consultation  

Companies and agencies' inabilities to create a culturally affirming safe spaces for their employees to work often cost them not only human talents but also revenues as well as good reputation. The goal of Ibisanmi Relational Health's, Employee Relational Health consultation program is to assist companies and agencies in cultivating emotionally and relationally healthy working environments. Through effective communication and culturally affirming training, our consultation program will equip employers and employees – inclusive of their race, gender, sexual orientation, nationality, religion, and class – to embrace the diversity within their workplaces and relate to each other in ways that are culturally responsive. Our training enables participants to authentically contribute their talents and skills to generate a productive, respectful, lively, and culturally healthy working environment that is optimum for the success of your company or agency's mission. We provide:

  • Diversity/Cultural humility Training

  • Employee Relational Health Training

  • Race Talk in the workplace

  • Sexual Harassment Training