Family Therapy 

Family relationships can be filled with joy and pain at the same time. As relational healers, we help families have difficult conversations. We’ll guide you and your family to recognize and understand the roots of pain, sadness, and trauma that can keep you stuck in toxic patterns with each other. We’ll work with you to untangle destructive communication, reclaim your voices, and move towards healing connections. Our work in family counseling will help you nurture and pass on emotional and relational health and wealth to generations of your family.

Our CULTURALLY afFirming family Therapists in NYC & Maplewood, NJ Treat the Following Issues:

  • Family conflict

  • Parenting

  • Family of Origin Issues

  • Sibling relationship

  • Parent and adult child relationship

  • Parenting Skills

  • Caregiver Burnout

  • Parent and child relationship

  • Stressors for caring for an Elderly parent

  • In-laws stressors

  • Grief counseling

  • Issues of loyalty and betrayal

  • Generational Trauma and pain


Family Therapy in NYC and Maplewood, NJ

Our family therapists of color and multicultural counselors provide family therapy from two offices in New York City and Maplewood, NJ.