Couples Therapy

Romantic relationships can bring about a sense of joy, acceptance, and fulfillment. They can also produce feelings of hopelessness, frustration, pain, sadness, and shame. We’ll walk with you and your partner to identify and interrupt the emotional triggers and toxic behavioral/interactional patterns that undermine your love for each other. Whether you are dating, living together, committed partners, considering marriage, or married, we’ll help you uncover your authentic self while also being intimately connected with your partner. We’ll work together to enable you and your partner to develop effective communication skills and express your needs to each other.

Culturally Affirming Marriage Counseling and Therapy for Romantic Relationships in NYC and Maplewood, NJ

We specialize in the following areas of romantic relationship concerns:

  • Separation /divorce

  • Affairs/infidelity

  • Sexual intimacy issues or concerns

  • Improve Communication skills

  • Effective balance of understanding yourself in relation to your partner

  • Dating/Relationship Help

  • Couples Counseling

  • Premarital Counseling*  

  • Marriage Counseling

  • Same-gender loving and LGBTQ couples

  • Interracial couples


Couples therapy in NYC and Maplewood, NJ

Our therapists of color and multicultural counselors provide marriage counseling and help with relationship problems from two offices in New York City and Maplewood, NJ.