Therapy for Racial Trauma

& Stress 

Daily stressors of being Black or a Person of Color (POC) weigh on you. When you feel like there is no refuge from the silent and not-so-silent insults, questions of your intelligence and value, and feelings of being physically and emotionally unsafe, know that we are here to help. At Ibisanmi Relational Health, we believe the wounds of race-based stressors and trauma are real. Our expertise is helping you develop effective and healthier ways to deal with racial stressors and trauma in a safe and secure space. We’ll affirm you, and we’ll help you move from questioning your worth and blaming yourself to standing in your own truths and strength.

Our Culturally Affirming Therapists Treat Race-Related Stress, Race-Based Trauma, and More in NYC and Maplewood, NJ

  • Racial stressors related to school or work environment

  • Racial profiling

  • Racial discrimination

  • Imposter syndrome

  • Colorism

  • Internalized negative racial messages and stereotypes

  • Detachment and Isolation from others

  • Self-blaming and self-shaming

  • Mental, emotional and relational battle wounds of being an activist

  • Panic attack and anxiety

  • Depression

  • Irritability

  • Fears

  • Fatigue

  • Guilt

  • Anger/rage

  • Voicelessness

Talking about Race in Therapy and socio-cultural stressors

We’re aware that as Black/African American and People of Color, we are diverse and many of us deal with additional stressors and trauma because of our multiple identities and experiences. In addition to race-based trauma, we specialize in treating these following socio-cultural trauma and stressors:

  • Sexual orientation-based stressors and trauma (LGBTQIA)

  • Gender-based stressors and trauma

  • Stress related to being an immigrant

  • Faith-based stressors and trauma

  • Stressors of social-class and trauma of incarceration


Therapy for Racial Trauma, Race-Related Stress, and more in NYC and Maplewood, NJ

Our therapists of color and multicultural counselors provide therapy for race-based trauma, race-related stress, and more from two offices in New York City and Maplewood, NJ.